The traficads system is based on an exchange of clicks between users.

Traficads has been established to legalize your accounts like this
1. Some people want 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to activate the monetization feature
Support team channels have been tried and their channels approved + We contacted some site members and income was made on their channels without any problems

2. Sending website traffic
The traficads site is based on an exchange of visits and this is not a violation
The traficads site sends you visits through real members who collect points that have been exchanged for points for money or send visits to their links

I click on your Facebook page and you click on mine.

The more times you click on Like on other Facebook pages, the more clicks you will receive on yours and so on with all social networks.

The system works with the exchange of a virtual currency, the · traficads . "The idea is that to encourage visits to your social media pages or your website, each user can select how many traficads per click they offer for each new fan, follower , visit,… received

In this way, when the pages are shown to the users, they will be presented in order of the number of traficads offered by each one, the ones that offer the most are the ones that will appear before.

traficads has two types of users, a normal user can offer up to 6 traficads for each new click and a VIP user can offer up to 11 traficads per click, so that their pages will be the ones that are shown before and the ones that get new ones faster fans.

For those users who do not want to spend money and that the whole process is completely free, they can visit the different sections of the web and get traficads so that the pages continue to be shown to other users. If they run out of enough Fans to cover what they give for each click, they will not be shown.

For those agencies that want to carry out marketing campaigns to their clients on social networks and for users who do not have time or do not want to get traficads in this way, the purchase of coins is made available to them.

When buying traficads, it is recommended to upgrade to a VIP user to improve the results of the social marketing campaigns of the pages.

In traficads you can also earn money through new users referred on their website. They give you 100 traficads + $ 0.25 + 10% of the purchases of that referral being the minimum payment of 1$ through PayPal.payeer

You can also exchange the traficads obtained for real money. Every coins you get $ 1 and the minimum payment is also $ 5 through PayPal.payeer

Sign up for free and get 100 coins +$0.09
Siendo un Miembro VIP podrás ofrecer por clic más monedas y tus páginas aparecerán antes que las demás. Al salir primero recibirás más clics y aumentaran mucho más rápido tu popularidad, también podrás cambiar el genero y país de las visitas que quieras recibir.
And it has many advantages, such as receiving the largest number of points every 24 hours, browsing the flow and earning more points without touching the device

You can get faster clicks by offering more currencies per click, after which your pages will be shown to all other users with fewer currencies per click. You can offer up to 10 coins per click if you purchase VIP, so you will be the first person to appear on each page.
You will not see the links that you have added in your account, a site that depends on showing your links to other members in order to increase the percentage of views and not repeat the same device
The protection of your personal data is one of the concerns of traficads in their relationship with customers and third parties. In order to maintain and guarantee your privacy at all times, and in strict compliance with the provisions of the Basic Law 15/2020, issued on December 13, regarding the protection of personal data (“LOPD”), traficads informs you of this, while completing the registration form and accepting it by clicking on the button “Accept” , Your personal data will be combined and processed in files owned by traficads, which, for appropriate legal purposes, have been identified as being responsible for themselves.

User must complete the registration form completely. Otherwise, traficads will not be able to provide the services provided on the portal. In particular, to operate the online store, the user must also provide the personal data indicated in the registration form for this purpose. The user declares that all information provided to access this portal and during its use is correct, complete and accurate, and he undertakes to update it continuously. Traficads informs you that the collection of your personal data takes place for the following purposes:

To be able to provide the services that you can access through our portal, a description of which can be found in the general terms of use that all users must view;
Commercial and advertising products and traficads products as well as companies in their business group in relation to products, services, offers, promotions and any other advertising activities;
Conducting surveys and statistics and analyzing market trends. For the purposes of the latter, traficads also informs you that our server may send a file (cookie) to your computer, which will allow us to better know you as a user and personalize the information you receive through our portal in the future. In any case, you have the possibility to configure your computer in such a way that the said cookies will not be installed.
In accordance with the provisions of LOPD, the user expressly authorizes traficads, to communicate their personal data to suppliers with whom traficads enter into commercial agreements, with the purpose of using them exclusively to fulfill the services and contracted commercial purposes.

This authorization is subject to revocation at any time without retroactive effect.

Likewise, we inform the user that personal data referring to natural persons, collected in any section of the website, or any other sections provided by the user throughout the relationship with traficads, as well as data collected as a result of the relationship was established, will be included in files. Personal data owned by traficads.

This file will contain the data necessary to provide the services requested by the users in addition to the traficads connections.

The purpose of the treatment is also to send information to you about goods and services that may be of interest to you, to expand and improve our services by adapting our website to your preferences or needs, designing new products and services, and sending questionnaires by any means, to whom the answer is voluntary, unless otherwise stated.

Forms that may exist on the web, such as a registration form, fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory, and therefore failure to complete these fields may prevent the user from enjoying, in whole or in part, the services and information provided by the site.

Traficads will use your personal data for the following purposes:

Open and manage a user account in your name so that you can take advantage of all the functions of our services, including, but not limited to, depositing into your user account, participating in contests and making the purchases you want.
In order for you to receive your questions and comments through our customer service, by e-mail.
Ensure safety standards and regulations are complied with for online competitions, including age verification, as well as legal requirements and processes related to fair play.
If you have given your prior consent, inform you about promotions and other activities of traficads, as well as communications related to the use of the service, such as regulatory amendments or technical updates.
These additional uses are necessary to ensure that we fulfill our contractual obligations to you.
Likewise, by submitting their data, the concerned party expressly authorizes traficads to send information via e-mail, in accordance with Article 21 of Law 34/2002, and July 11, regarding Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE).